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Welcome to the Aftermath of Chaos campaign! The setting for the world is the home-brew world I have used for my last 5(ish) campaigns. Where the world stands now is about 10 years after the second dragon-giant war. in which the dragons laid waste to the world to kill of god-like constructs the giants had created in ancient history that had recently come to sentience. The constructs themselves warred among themselves as some sought to control the world while some carved out theocracies (placing their-self as a god) for themselves. Still others sought to share the knowledge they had of the ancient powers with the races of the world.

In the war the world was laid to waste. Most of the dragons died either at the hands of the constructs or through the actions of some cross-planar beings that sought to preserve the world. The constructs have all perished, though some of the weaker ones have been driven into hiding in the remote corners of the world. The world is still filled planar tears and magical beasts as a result of residual magic from the conflict.

The new political order that has emerged has seen the world being resettled by city-states that have formed large defensive alliances with one another. They focus more on survival than on any other thing.

A large political body has also managed to establish itself: The Sapphire Order. They exist to shepherd the world and put an end to the chaos that has resulted from the war. They have little land and primarily exist through treaties signed with local powers. Although the order is primarily made of volunteers, they do have the right to conscript those they want outside of any justice system and their members have diplomatic immunity wherever they go.

Home Page

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